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Opening Ceremony is a fashion label that likes to surprise its audience with unconventional shows. In 2015, it staged a play written by Jonah Hill and directed by Spike Jonze, featuring actors such as John Cameron Mitchell, Rashida Jones, and Elle Fanning, wearing the Spring 2015 collection clothes. The play was a satire of the fashion industry, poking fun at designers, editors, models, and celebrities.

The Clothes

The clothes were colorful and sporty, with many slit details, track pants, shorts, and graphic prints. Some of the prints were inspired by nature, such as palm trees, fronds, and anemones, while others were abstract or geometric. The fabrics ranged from denim to latex-coated cotton to spongy technical materials. The collection was more straightforward than the previous ones but still had a playful and experimental vibe.

The Reception

The critics had mixed opinions about the show. They liked the play’s creativity and humor, but they struggled to pay attention to the clothes. Some also questioned whether the show was too self-referential and indulgent. However, the show also generated a lot of buzz and excitement among the audience and the media, who appreciated the fun and originality of the concept.

The Resort Collection

A few months before the play, Opening Ceremony presented its Resort 2015 collection in a more conventional way: a parade of models down Howard Street in New York. The collection shared some prints and fabrics with the Spring 2015 one. However, it also had a more feminine and polished touch. There were also some new elements, such as ottoman knits, zip details, anoraks, and live violinists who accompanied the models.

The Vision

Opening Ceremony is a brand that challenges the norms and expectations of the fashion industry. Opening Ceremony experiments with different forms of expression and communication. It can present its collections through a play, a parade, or a store.  Opening Ceremony values diversity and collaboration in its brand. It works with various artists, designers, and celebrities from different fields and backgrounds. Opening Ceremony is not just about clothes; it is about culture.

The Collaborations

One of the ways that the Opening Ceremony showcases its culture is through its frequent and unexpected collaborations with other brands, artists, and personalities. Over the years, Opening Ceremony has partnered with names such as Spike Jonze, Chloë Sevigny, UNIQLO, KAWS & Kiehl’s, Pendleton, Maison Martin Margiela, Colette, Rodarte, Coca-Cola, Yoko Ono, Birkenstock, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Google, and LUAR. These collaborations often introduce consumers to new takes on heritage products or even the work of emerging artists. They also reflect Opening Ceremony’s eclectic and inclusive taste and vision.


Opening Ceremony is a fashion label that challenges the conventions of the fashion show format and creates collections that are fun, fresh, and diverse. By collaborating with artists from different fields and experimenting with other media and venues, the brand showcases its creativity and originality. Opening Ceremony is not just a fashion label, but a cultural phenomenon.

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