How to Dress Like a Star on Empire

Empire is a hit TV show that follows the lives of a music mogul and his family as they compete for control of their hip-hop dynasty. The show is known for its glamorous and extravagant outfits that reflect the characters’ personalities and status. If you want to know How to Dress Like a Star on Empire, here are some tips and inspiration from some of the most iconic looks. First, let’s start with the main characters: Cookie and Lucious Lyon.

Cookie Lyon: The Queen of Prints and Furs

Cookie Lyon is the ex-wife of Lucious Lyon and the mother of his three sons. She spent 17 years in prison for drug trafficking and returns to claim her share of the Empire. Cookie is a fierce and confident woman who is not afraid to speak her mind or stand out with her bold fashion choices. She loves animal prints, furs, sequins, bright colors, and statement accessories. Additionally, she has a knack for mixing and matching different pieces to create stunning outfits.

To dress like Cookie, you need to channel your inner diva and have fun with your wardrobe. Here are some items you can try:

  • A floral puff sleeve blazer dress that shows off your curves and adds some feminine flair.
  • A leopard print blouse and pants that are both chic and edgy. You can pair them with a red snake print blouse and blazer for extra drama. On the other hand, you can also opt for a more casual look with a denim jacket.
  • A silk-crepe dress in a rich purple hue that symbolizes wealth and power. You can accessorize it with a gold-tone Swarovski crystal ring and a clutch. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple necklace and earrings to balance the dress.
  • A faux fur coat in a vibrant color or pattern that will make you feel cozy and glamorous. For example, you can choose a pink faux fur coat that matches Cookie’s signature style.

Lucious Lyon: The King of Suits and Ties

Lucious Lyon is the founder and CEO of Empire Entertainment. He is a ruthless and charismatic leader who has a dark past and a terminal illness. He is also a stylish and sophisticated man who dresses to impress with his sharp suits and ties.

To dress like Lucious, you need to invest in some quality tailoring and classic pieces that exude elegance and authority. Here are some items you can try:

  • A navy suit with a white shirt and a striped tie that is simple but refined.
  • A charcoal suit with a black shirt and a silver tie that is sleek and modern.
  • A burgundy suit with a cream shirt and a paisley tie that is bold and luxurious.
  • A black turtleneck sweater with a camel coat that is cozy and classy.

Other Characters: The Rising Stars of Music and Fashion

Empire has many other characters who are also influential in the music and fashion industry. They have their unique styles that reflect their talents and aspirations. Here are some examples:

  • Giselle Barker is the ex-wife of Eddie Barker and the co-CEO of Empire Entertainment. She is a smart and ambitious woman who wears sophisticated dresses, blouses, skirts, and jackets in neutral tones.
  • Tiana Brown is a singer-songwriter who is signed to Empire Entertainment. She is a young and trendy woman who wears crop tops, mini skirts, denim jackets, and sneakers in bright colors. Furthermore, she has a confident and sassy attitude that shows in her music and fashion.
  • Becky Williams is the head of A&R at Empire Entertainment. She is a loyal and witty woman who wears colorful prints, patterns, textures, and accessories that express her personality.
  • Yana Tomlinson is a singer-songwriter who is Lucious’ protege and lover. She is a beautiful and talented woman who wears feminine dresses, tops, pants, and coats in floral prints. Moreover, she has a sweet and romantic personality that matches her style.


Empire is a show that showcases the glamorous world of music and fashion through its captivating characters and outfits. If you want to dress like a star on Empire, you can take inspiration from the show’s costume designer who says: “Energy is important because, for the actor, the clothing is part of the story.” You can also mix and match items from different sources that feature clothes worn on the show. For instance, you can combine a floral dress from one source with a faux fur coat from another source to create a unique look.  Remember to have fun with your style and let it reflect your character.

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